What is an Android TV Box, and why do I “need” one?



“Need” is a strong word, no one needs an Android TV Box, you can desire one, but desire brings with it its own set of connotations. More likely you would like an Android TV (aka Kodi TV) because you may have heard that it will “enrich your media playing experience”, now that sounds a bit formal. How about “You’d get more enjoyment when watching TV”.  I will no longer labour the point and will now get on with the definition, aware that you might have come to this page looking for that.

A definition

“An Android TV Box is a small computer that runs the Android operating system and generally employed to stream and play media on a TV having connection options suited for the task.”

To be honest, I made this definition up, but to be fair, if you googled definitions on an Android TV Box you’d find hundreds of variants but in essence they should all say the same thing, which is that they all have the ability, having specifically been built for the job, to connect to a TV and allow you to and stream or play movies, tv show, music, browse the internet.   

A bit more depth 

Broadly speaking when talking to friends about the virtues of having an Android TV Box, they fall into one of two camps. Camp “A” are those that know exactly what they are and most likely already own one, then there is the majority camp “B”, that have heard of them and have an idea and some niggling notion that they are missing out by not having one. This article is targeted at those that have heard of them and have some idea but would like a few examples of what they can be used for.

Not having a clear picture as to what an Android TV Box is and how one (or two) might be useful to you is understandable, as by their very nature their versatility means that they can be used for many different things, but at their core, they are “Sophisticated Media Players”. I like to coin the phrase “Don’t settle for a smart TV, make it Einstein smart with an Android TV Box” – its not catching on to be frank, but it is not stopping me plugin on with it.

I expect that most are not particularly interested in the technology or the history as how we arrived with these boxes, you’d be more interested in what can an Android TV Box do for me, so what follows are a few popular uses, hopefully once read that you may have a clearer picture (pun intended).Use #1  Stream movies and TV Shows

The reason why most people start with their first Android TV Box. Streaming Movies and TV Shows, be they streamed via services such as NetFlix, Hulu and others.



Use #2 Play locally stored content

Many of us have large library’s of videos and pictures etc that we’d like to access easily and play/display on the big screen. TV boxes sometimes referred to as Kodi TV or Internet TV Boxes can do this with a breeze. Connecting via USB, Optical sound, NAS drive, whatever, they will be a way to connect and play.

Use #3 Play Games

Game playing on Android Tv

We all like a game or two.

Use #4 Social Media

Not confined to the big screen, maybe you want to connect to a second TV with a bit of privacy and use to connect socially. With access to Google Play store the apps you can download are almost limitless.

Use #6 Video calls

Want to see and speak to Auntie X on your 64 inch, widescreen then add a camera (make sure its Android compatible) and you’re in business.

Use #7 Office Work

Bit boring, but practical, it’s a computer, after all, so can be used for normal office type things.

Use #8 Catch-up-tv

Catch up tv australia

Be it ABC’s iView or SBSONDemand, or maybe tenplay, download the app and catchup on your Free to air via your Android TV Box

Use #9  Play Music

Play your favourite music with a music app. Spotify is one, Google music another,  the advantage of your Android TV Box is that they are normally already connected to the best speakers in the house.

Should you have any questions or need assistance please visit www.androidtvhub.com.au where we can be contacted.