Troubleshooting Kodi / Android TV no sound

´No Sound

First of all, think “what has changed?”

Whilst thinking, do not ignore what would appear to be unconnected events, like the vacuuming being done (every week my audio cable became detached by some enthusiastic cleaning, it took me ages to connect the events). If no obvious reason exists, then the steps below will help. 

Step 1: Check the mute and volume on the remote control.

This may be obvious but 50% of the time it’s as simple as pressing the mute button on the remote or adjusting the sound level on the Android TV remote. Remember that most boxes allow you to control the sound the via their remote, this is separate to the TV or receivers control of volume.

Step 2: Check the cables.

This accounts for almost all the reasons for no sound. Cables get knocked, stretched, pulled, stepped on, etc. Check, then check again. This is really basic but very often the cause.

Depending on which components you have, if you have a TV and Android Box only, then check. the HDMI physical cable and if you have one, check the digital optical (you don’t need this so don’t worry if you don’t have it)

If you have them then check the cables between hi-fi, receiver, the soundbar.

Step 3: Check the setting on your hi-fi/receiver/TV/Soundbar

For a TV and Android Box only setup you will be using your TV’s sound (speaker) capabilities, therefore check the TV’s sound works by selecting a normal channel. Check the mute on theTV and its volume setting.

If you connect the sound to your hi-fi/receiver/soundbar then check this.  Basics first

Is it turned on?

Is the cable connected (you should have covered this earlier)?

Check the settings.  If you have a receiver anything like mine then things start to get complicated as the flexibility and number of the option they offer can lead to complications. It will be impossible to cover each individual components, but in essence., first ensure that sound still works by selecting another source,(maybe play something soothing to relax you whilst you continue to troubleshoot).

Step 4: Check the  Android box

Details on how to be added

Step 5: Check the  Kodi

Details on how to be added

Component Testing & integration testing

Remember  like good science, change one thing at a time, and isolate components if can so as to confirm their working in isolation, i.e TV has sound when not connected to anything else, Then test the receiver in isolation, then bring these two together and test. Then maybe test the android tv box connected to tv/ receiver , finally Kodi. This will at least help you isolate the problem to either a component or when it integrates with a Another component.