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Rii mini i8 keyboard – backlit

Most likely you already know that the Rii Mini I8 Keyboard is an ideal addition to any Android TV box, whenever using a remote becomes cumbersome but you don’t need a full-size computer keyboard.

This product can do pretty much anything a full keyboard can yet is small enough to hold comfortably. It is backlit and rechargeable.

It has 92 keys Wireless QWERTY Keyboard & Touchpad which supports multi-finger functions. A single finger click as left mouse function two-finger clicks as the right mouse function double finger drag as the rolling screen. It features a highly sensitive smart touchpad with 360-degree flip design.

The build quality is second to none, I could go on, but this is a solid trustworthy item that easily connects whenever you choose to use.

If you would like a quality mini keyboard that is dependable and well-built then the Rii Mini I8 Keyboard is the one. This keyboard is an ideal addition to any TV box, being big enough to comfortably use yet small enough not to dominate your living space.

The Rii Mini I8 Keyboard can do pretty much anything a full keyboard,  is backlit and rechargeable.


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