More Remotes than you can shake a stick at – a whinge

A picture says a thousand words, and the picture with all the remotes is not even half of it. In there somewhere is a Logitech all in one remote……obviously, it didn’t solve the problem as I still revert to the original remotes.

So what went wrong, I am sure I am not alone when I say I have maybe 20 remotes around the house. I’ve tried to consolidate and the act of consolidation seems to spawn another remote or another app which adds to the pile.

Home automation some say will solve all this, but we seem to be in a halfway house, with many flavours of automation and not everyone having it (as in not every manufacturer has incorporated it) yet.

Now, I have tried everything and anything, I have hardware and gadgets all over the shop (house) with promises to my wife that this one will solve all our media access issues (how we change channels). 

smart plug

The real frustration I have is that when sitting together, watching something or other I have to be responsible for changing channels and all that, basically because I created the mess (complexity), which is only fair enough. And to be honest I struggle now and then as it’s not top of my list to remember why I had that particular remote to control HDMI 4 when Google cast thing is in, and sound has to be changed to theatre mode. That was six months ago when it seemed like a great idea (and part of some grand plan of mine or other), I have an app for that now (can’t remember which one though).

I diverge….. please don’t remind me of the countless remote plug things I have, each with a different app.  And as for Google home, well, we are no longer talking, or rather she no longer listens to me, and my relationship with Echo is not what it used to be, just morning, time please and what’s the weather today. Hardly what I call home automation.  

google home

Final whine, but I swear Google, hey Google thing was rude to me. I can’t quite remember what she said, but it was sarcasm on the edge of being below the belt. I let it go, seeing as moments before I threatened “it” with gumtree. Now I am thinking gumtree’s too good, council cleanup might be more appropriate. But I know in my heart that I’d be the first one to buy the next model…….am telling you……this one will solve all our woos.

council cleanup

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