How I setup my Android TV

So…..The box arrived, excitedly I unpacked and soon had it plugged in. Pretty simple just need power and HDMI to get things started. 

Android TV setup connections

I know that I could get fancy, and connect optical out and all that, but for now I just wanted to get going and get the staples up and running.  When I say staples I mean the things I’ll be using the box for the majority of the time.

For me this meant Kodi, this is a must, and Australian specific apps like iView, SBS on Demand or the Australian versions of Netflix, Stan….. and don’t forget YouTube, Skype and Casting from your iPhone or iPad…. . so here is what I did and a few tips….. 

The home screen looked something like this, it may vary depending on any preinstalled apps, the android version and whether the manufacturer has tinkered with things.

Android TV home page

 First things first, connect to wi-fi, settings (cog thing), the network at the top. It might be easier to type in your wi-fi password if you connect a keyboard, no big deal though as you don’t need to type often, just gets frustratingly slow when you do.

Android Smart TV setting up wi-fi

Ok, let’s install apps first…. and this stumped me for a few minutes (although everything is obvious once you’ve done it), you need to login to a google account, else Google Play (from where you install apps) will give you problems.  You can create a new account or use your existing if you have one. For me it was a choice of how private I wanted this to be, meaning that anyone in my household could potentially play with my google account. Not an issue for me but it crossed my mind all the same. Unless you want access to your existing google setup, it might be cleaner to create a new account. Horses for courses though as there are 100 reasons for using what you currently have.

Anyhow, login via settings (the cog thing again), scroll to the bottom and you will see Google and add account option.

Android Smart TV setting up wi-fi

Right, job done now. I mean, yes now we can install apps.  Sorry, I have impatient tendencies (am working on them).

Ok….. where was I? Launch Google Play and in the example I searched for the ABC iView app (good app btw, same goes for SBS on Demand since they updated it – it used to be rubbish, imo etc, please don’t sue me….). Now typing without a keyboard is a little tricky, but you do get used to the process at least.  Normally you can press the OK button on the remote and as long as you are in a data entry field,  an on screen keyboard should pop up.  

I am sure for most of you I am telling you how to suck eggs (Google is saying it’s no idea what I am rambling on about), but I know there is at least one person out there that needs this info……So there we go……

Google Play on an Android TV Box

 Follow the on screen instructions, and repeat for all the apps that your heart desires. You may see similar screens to that below, which prompt you to add credit card details and all that.  Skip! The skip button is not always obvious, but it’s there, and in doing so for apps like this won’t affect your watching at all. In fact for ABC I’ve no idea why the option appears, it may be a standard Google Play setting (I’ll have to Google that one).

Android TV installing an app skipping pay

Ok, I expect you are getting bored now, not reading the text, just looking at the pictures… here’s a random brown dog Called tumbleweed apparently……….

Dog running on beach with dreads like tumbleweed

Still reading…..a screenshot of Netflix installed and how the apps show up on the second page. Note that on Android Box, the X99, those apps you use most frequently will always appear on your home screen . Pretty handy feature imo. Btw there is not much when installing Netflix etc, but if you do use, you need to create accounts (paid), which is only fair.

Android install Netflix

Next topic will be how to cast, or rather the various ways to and stream media to your 

This can be pretty straightforward, but there are many ways to skin this cat, so some confusion could creep in as if you are like me, you have multiple devices with similar functions, and more remotes that you could shake a stick at.